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Instagram: A tool for the digital journalist

In the digital world we live in, journalists continue to use words, images and video to share news and interact with the community they serve. To the delight  of digital first journalists, the ways to share all those things keeps … Continue reading

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Register reporter’s blog has the word on Connecticut authors

New Haven Register reporter Sandi Shelton loves books. She’s written seven of them herself. Who better to write about the multitude of talented authors in Connecticut? But she also knows how challenging it is for those authors to spread the … Continue reading

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The ring of social media and sharing the story

Brian McCready has shown that his “Milford Matters” blog does not stand alone. While Brian uses the blog to share news, and works to interact with the community through the blog, he has shown spreading what he and others have to share … Continue reading

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Occupied with the news: Twitter delivers for live coverage

When the payloaders roll in you know there’s no excuse not to let news flow in. And that is exactly what Alexandra Sanders and Bill Kaempffer did as the city of New Haven closed in on Occupy New Haven. The … Continue reading

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Breaking News Team Rocks Social Media Over April Fool’s Prank

Now, we know the Breaking News Team is ever vigilant about Twitter, but sometimes it takes a trained eye to spot the nugget of non-truth that really makes breaking news. It happened this way according to Pam McLoughlin: On April … Continue reading

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Facebook Timelines: Perfect for Publishing and Social Media Community Engagement

When it comes to communities, can 845 million people be wrong? That is how many people Facebook lists as its monthly active users since around the end of 2011. And while the New Haven Register page has yet to attract … Continue reading

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Meet Milford Matters

As part of earning his first Digital Ninja School belt, Brian McCready has launched a new blog, Milford Matters. And of course Milford matters! To us, to readers, to the small city with a big heart and to the region. … Continue reading

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