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Teaching reporters about intricacies of breaking news

With every new thing added to our daily to-do list, it’s important to keep check lists and simple instructions around so every staff member can follow along the same routine and not forget a step along the way. I have … Continue reading

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Hardlinks made easy, the digital first way

As we evolve toward our goal of truly being digital first journalists, our set of skills changes and grows. It is clear that “hardlinking” a story from our website directly to another site, such as a blog, is an important … Continue reading

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Linking out in newspaper stories is editor’s digital training goal

For my Digital Ninja School belt in Digital Publishing, I am determined to get better at linking. In the words of Chris March, links are not only about creating good SEO – they are there to create a better user … Continue reading

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Facebook Timelines: Perfect for Publishing and Social Media Community Engagement

When it comes to communities, can 845 million people be wrong? That is how many people Facebook lists as its monthly active users since around the end of 2011. And while the New Haven Register page has yet to attract … Continue reading

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