In 2010, our traditional print newspaper company declared that it was going to become “digital first, print last.”

We’ve made incredible strides toward that mission in the past year, including a complete physical and operational transformation of our newsroom in Northwest Connecticut. And the reorganization of our newsroom at the New Haven Register around breaking news, community engagement and investigative and in-depth reporting.

The next phase is to train 100 percent of newsroom employees in a digital-first mindset, on being “of the web,” not just “on the web,” and in the tools needed to get the job done.

The Digital Ninja School focuses on five categories – Digital Publishing, Social Media, Video, Blogging and Data Journalism.

Master one level – in any order – and you are awarded a White Belt.

Master two levels – a Yellow Belt.

Master three levels – an Orange Belt.

Master four levels – a Green Belt.

Master all five levels – a Black Belt.

To advance to the next level, Digital Ninja School students must maintain the skills of their previous level(s) and show that they are using them in their job.

See our explanation of the program when it was launched on February 13, 2012.

And for more information, check out our:


FAQ for Staff

FAQ for Editors

Core Requirements


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