Register Citizen’s Jessica Glenza, Tom Cleary take part in live chat to discuss rape, bullying

In the week since the Register Citizen exposed the rape charges and subsequent cyberbullying involving Torrington High School football players, the story has been at the center of a national dialogue on sexual assault, statutory rape, bullying, and the way young people use social media.

As the story has developed — and as two more football players have been charged with sexual assault — the story has grown more complex, and in some ways, more confusing.

With that in mind, Register Citizen reporters and editors are making a continued effort to clarify.

What are the football players charged with doing? Which laws have been broken and by whom? What school policies are in place and which have been violated? What is the school district doing to move things forward? What about the football program.

The staff is routinely updated this list of frequently asked questions. 

And in the latest attempt to tie all this together, reporter Jessica Glenza, who broke the story, and co-managing editor Tom Cleary, took part in a live chat that ran on websites throughout the Digital First Media network.

You can see a replay of the chat right here.

Glenza and Cleary have also been on numerous radio shows discussing the case and the Register Citizen’s reporting, which included publishing screengrabs of tweets sent by Torrington High students calling the 13-year-old victims “hoes” and “snitches” and defending the suspects.

You can read more about the Register Citizen’s ongoing coverage in items from Poynter, Columbia Journalism Review, and DFM Digital Transformation Editor Steve Buttry, among others.

The New York Times sent a reporter to Torrington Wednesday to talk to Glenza, Cleary and Register Citizen Editor John Berry, so expect a story there in the near future.


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