New Haven Register examines women in media for women’s history month

The New Haven Register’s Shahid Abdul-Karim, with some help from video-savvy colleagues Rich Scinto and Rachel Chianpen, had a cool idea to commemorate women’s history month.

Abdul-Karim took a look into the lives of four prominent female media members, sitting down with each of them for video interviews and putting together a Q&A that Register web producer Kaitlyn Yaeger formatted.

Here’s what Shahid had to say about how the project came together:

The women in the media project was an idea created as a way to primarily galvanize more traffic and attention to our website. March is also Women’s History Month and the thought was what better month to highlight contributions of women than March. 

When putting this project together, I wanted to make sure we had a diverse group of women as an added feature to capture those audiences or communities that we sometimes miss.

For example: We have a Chinese American, Italian American, Latino America, African American and a German American.

There were many other women that could have been chosen, however these women were chosen because of their diverse backgrounds, their ethnic following on social media etc, and lets face it their young. They have a market and I wanted to make sure we tapped their markets also.

For the most part it was pretty easy to get them to all agree to do the piece, because I have had some type of interaction with them as a reporter seeing them in the field on various assignments.

ON A HUMBLE NOTE: It was cool because when I called and asked them to do the piece they all said they said yes immediately. Some said later in our conversations they admired and respected my work and would be delighted to do it. 

They hardest part about the project was getting  all of the women together for the one group photo and being able to catch them in the field on assignments for some (B Roll).


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