Instagram: A tool for the digital journalist

In the digital world we live in, journalists continue to use words, images and video to share news and interact with the community they serve.

Photo by Alexandra Sanders

To the delight  of digital first journalists, the ways to share all those things keeps evolving. Enter Instagram.

It’s free and it’s a social network that helps anyone who connects to it share the world around them. The photos posted there can be edited; they can be shared right away with the users of social networks.

For digital ninja Alexandra Sanders, that means sharing the images that help her to report the news of New Haven and give others a look at the very fabric of the city.

Photo by Alexandra Sanders

Alex has numerous examples of her use of Instagram that demonstrate both that she is deeply connected to the city – in terms of knowing the news – and that she cares deeply about issues that affect its residents. She is part of the community.In the photo at right, for instance, Alex captures a quick and colorful moment as New Haven’s Mayor John DeStefano Jr. waves during the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

By using these photos on social media services such as Twitter and Facebook Alex instantly shares what she sees.

In another example, Alex has enterprised stories about the city’s homeless (see top image), delving further than just services that are available and similar issues, by getting to heart of how some homeless people feel about their lives in shelters they say constrain them.

Photo by Alexandra Sanders

The Occupy New Haven movement is another example of Alex using Instagram to put the community right there with her on the New Haven Green.

What occurred on the Green moved fast at times and Alex was able to show that action.

The image below here, for instance, offers a quick snapshot of action on the Green. Those are police officers carrying an occupier.

Photo by Alex Sanders

It was a way for people who may not have had time to watch a livestream still get in on the news. It is up close and personal.

Alex also found ways to use this tool for reporting feature news. This might not have quite the urgency associated with breaking news such as the removal of the Occupy movement from the city Green, but it shares what Alex is up to; it offers folks a chance to get in on the news.

In this image, below right, Alex captured an important effort in the city, Inside Out NHV, that shared the very thing we notice the most: human face.

Tech crunch reported this month that there are 80 million registered users of Instagram. They called it the “world’s most beloved mobile” app.

It’s an app that also can show beloved moments of a community. Alex has done just that. Any digital ninja can do the same.


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