Middletown Press reporter learns video editing skills

Middletown Press reporter Jeff Mill edits video clips.

Middletown Press reporter Jeff Mill was one of the first people in the newsroom to embrace the new Flip cameras when we got them two years ago. His camera is always neatly tucked into his chest pocket when he heads out to an assignment, and he will take it out to shoot video when the situation calls for it – whether it’s a car crash or a parade.

However, Jeff used to be one of the reporters who came back from an assignment, picked a person in the newsroom who looked skilled and trustworthy, handed his camera over and said “here.”

Then, he expressed an interest in leaning to “do it all” on his own.

Through coaching, instructions and support from co-workers, Jeff has now mastered the skill of basic editing in the free Flipshare program that comes with the camera, which lets you trim clips and put them together into a movie.

Jeff’s first video edited without anyone else by his side was this one from the Cromwell Memorial Day Parade. He put together eight different clips, added a title and credits to the movie and successfully uploaded it into Syndicaster, our video platform.

The next day, he covered a press conference in East Hampton at a factory that had burned down, and he came back and put together this video. His second video was a combination of clips that he and Photo Editor Cathy Avalone had taken at the site. But Jeff did all the editing and uploading himself.

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