Teaching reporters about metrics

Metrics can help us determine if we are successful at what we do. It can help us allocate resources for topics the public has shown us they care about, and help us back off on things we may have thought were important but readers did not.

From Omniture to Klout and Clip Syndicate, reporters can see how their stories are read, shared and talked about. They can learn what videos people are interested in, and they can see what others in the company have been successful at doing.

In a class this week, livestreamed and recorded by Photo Editor Catherine Avalone, we talked in detail about those three tools as ways to measure our success. We also briefly discussed Tweetreach, bit.ly, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

The worst part about metrics? They can be addicting. And it’s easy to get so caught up in numbers that there’s little time left to do regular work. So in the famous words of Socrates: “Everything in moderation. Nothing in excess.”

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