Teaching reporters about intricacies of breaking news

With every new thing added to our daily to-do list, it’s important to keep check lists and simple instructions around so every staff member can follow along the same routine and not forget a step along the way.

I have a six-step process for breaking news, moving from fast to slow: SMS alert, website blurb, email blast, Twitter, adding details to story (background, quotes, links, photos, videos…), then posting to Facebook and Google Plus. Print would be the seventh step, but since we are Digital First, it’s a given that it will end up at the bottom of the list. It isn’t really “breaking” by the time the product is put together, which is why it’s not really mentioned on my list.

This week, I held a brief training session with my reporters in Middletown to go over this breaking news protocol in detail as part of an elective for the Digital Publishing belt.

For her Video belt, Photo Editor Catherine Avalone live streamed the session and recorded it. You can watch the video and see the slideshow presentation here.

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