Register reporter’s blog has the word on Connecticut authors

New Haven Register reporter Sandi Shelton loves books. She’s written seven of them herself. Who better to write about the multitude of talented authors in Connecticut? But she also knows how challenging it is for those authors to spread the word about those books, to connect with potential readers.

Sandi Shelton

Enter Sandi’s Books New Haven blog, which launched Monday, April 30. We’ll let Sandi take the story of the blog from here, in her introductory post:

“When I first started writing books, publishers spent a bit of time and even money to get the word out about new books being released. There were stories in newspapers and magazines, spots on the radio, even a few television appearances!

Well, those days, sadly, are gone. Most of my writer friends have had the same experience that I have: with over 200,000 books published in the U.S. last year, most publishers (even enthusiastic ones with lovely publicity departments) simply don’t have the more than 3.5 seconds to devote to letting the world know that a new book has just been launched. They wish us well, but we all know if we’re going to sell more than 12 copies, we are going to have to get the word out ourselves.

This has turned us into bloggers, networkers, twitterers, facebookers, Linked-Inners, Klouters, Pinteresters, and in some cases–I hate to say this–whiners. Trust me: with very few exceptions, we don’t want to whine. All we want is to hold our heads high and know that somebody besides our Aunt Mary and our mother will see our book. (Oh, and we’d like to get an audience of people who will love us and want to read everything we write from now on until the end of time.)

Which brings us to this blog.”

Books New Haven will feature stories and blog posts by local authors in Connecticut, as well as news of upcoming book events. There will even be a place for aspiring writers to get advice and help.

Sandi has already lined up the first three authors with guest posts (including a post up now from Durham author Kristan Higgins), and is compiling a list of events coming up. She’s been in touch with bookstores and writing groups and has a list of people she’s contacting for more posts on the blog, and has written up questionnaires for the authors. Sandi has enlisted the help of Arts Editor Donna Doherty, who is sending her info that comes to her, and Sandi is on mailing lists from other sites that promote writers. She’s also using Facebook and Twitter to promote her blog.

Happy reading.

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