The ring of social media and sharing the story

Brian McCready has shown that his “Milford Matters” blog does not stand alone.

While Brian uses the blog to share news, and works to interact with the community through the blog, he has shown spreading what he and others have to share also demands a strong social media presence.

Brian has grown his followers on Twitter to nearly 650 to date and has more than 1,400 “friends” on his professional Facebook page.

While blogging each week day on “Milford Matters,” he also uses these two social media giants to give the community the latest, and offer folks a chance to jump into the conversation.

In a significant showing of the power of this work, Brian has increased the hits in this blog, moving from about 50 per day initially to now receiving 135-150 a day, Google metrics show.

Further, Brian has shown that a strong element of sharing this news comes into play with linking the blog to the Register home page.

For example, a post he did on the status of the case against the former Milford cop who was at the wheel of cruiser that in 2009 hit a car carrying two teens, an accident tha killed both Orange residents, received a number of hits.

The same was true for the post Brian did on the new baby that arrived in the family of the Milford mayor, which was hyperlinked on the home page, thanks the Breaking News Team.

About the baby, Brian notes he worked to use readers’ comments and turn them into a blog post: “Most successful example was when Milford Democratic Town Chairman Richard Smith saw a post about the mayor and he commented that the mayor’s wife just gave birth to a child.  This turned into a blog post about the new baby born on his sibling’s birthday.”


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