Dynamic Live Reporting With Mobile Livestream Rig and iPhones

It wasn’t exactly a Bollywood movie production, but fans of Shah Rukh Khan got the star treatment in a livestream at nhregister.com Thursday as they waited to see the actor make an appearance at the Shubert Theater.

It was the latest example of New Haven Register staffers using iPhones and some old-fashioned ingenuity to provide live video coverage of some of the area’s most compelling events.

Over the past two months other livestreams have included the Feb. 25 Unity March in East Haven, and legal showdowns on March 14 and April 10 between the city and Occupy New Haven.

Register Multimedia Editor Vern Williams and his team rigged a walk-and-talk camera setup (demonstrated here by multimedia journalist Arnold Gold).

“We are using an iPhone which we patch into a Verizon hotspot (because Verizon generally has a better signal in most of our coverage area),” Williams says. “We mount it on a low-end plastic Studio steadycam support which allows the shooter to keep the camera supported better. We use a Belkin iPhone tripod adapter to attach the iPhone to the steadycam support and we tape the hotspot directly to the support. We use the Ustream app on the iPhone to then direct the video back to our website.”

It’s not all about the equipment though.

Multimedia journalist Peter Hvizdak, who has hosted three of the livestreams, and Community Engagement Editor Ed Stannard, who hosted the other, kept things moving by engaging in conversation with event participants and adding insightful narrative. Hvizdak proved cool under pressure when encountering some angry counter-protesters at the East Haven march, simply moving on to the next interview subjects.

And Stannard pulled his livestream off at Occupy New Haven on March 14 without benefit of the steadycam support. In his case, it was simply an iPhone in a steady hand.

New Haven Register Community Engagement Editor, Ed Stannard live streaming with his iPhone. (Contributed Photo/Chris Randall)

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