A bow to free speech on a community blog

As journalists we are trained to be observers. This quite often means we watch, we ask, we record, we write.

Much of the time, this means keeping our opinions to ourselves.

But sometimes our thoughts on our observations do have a place and blogs can help serve as that place. A blog is not a news story. It is expected to contain opinions and thoughts that go beyond simple observations.

A community or “beat” blog can be a place for that as well and in a recent post, Bridget Albert did just that.

Bridget did not take a position on a meeting she covered about a proposal for a gun shop in a town she covers.

But she did take a position on the way some folks treated each other at the meeting. A few people were downright rude, she observed.

In this way, the B.O.W.  WOW blog became a gentle, though pointed, reminder that as we practice our right to free speech, we also must respect others’ same rights. And that is a service to the entire community.


About newsgirlct

We are all in this wonderful world of news together. Let's navigate the change and with readers and contributors aboard it promises to be a wonderful ride. Specialties: Multi-Media News editor and leader, writer, champion of the First Amendment and purveyor of knowledge to fledgling reporters.
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