Bringing a slice of life to life: Sometimes 5 seconds is all it takes

Brian McCready practically said it all with the headline on his blog post: “Duck, duck geese.”

In Milford, the city Brian covers, the water fowl have a large presence. While this flock of feathered residents might not require a lot of ducking (they don’t fly), human residents do learn avoidance tactics

So when Brian was headed to a meeting recently, and encountered what he dubbed a “train of geese” in downtown Milford, in the interest of  community news, he took the time to record it.

The video is only about five seconds long, but it nicely shows a slice of life in Milford.

The little clip also illustrates on the “Milford Matters” blog that wildlife matters to folks in Milford: It shows a man in the street shooing the errant waddlers to safety.


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