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Hardlinks made easy, the digital first way

As we evolve toward our goal of truly being digital first journalists, our set of skills changes and grows. It is clear that “hardlinking” a story from our website directly to another site, such as a blog, is an important … Continue reading

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The ring of social media and sharing the story

Brian McCready has shown that his “Milford Matters” blog does not stand alone. While Brian uses the blog to share news, and works to interact with the community through the blog, he has shown spreading what he and others have to share … Continue reading

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Linking out in newspaper stories is editor’s digital training goal

For my Digital Ninja School belt in Digital Publishing, I am determined to get better at linking. In the words of Chris March, links are not only about creating good SEO – they are there to create a better user … Continue reading

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Dynamic Live Reporting With Mobile Livestream Rig and iPhones

It wasn’t exactly a Bollywood movie production, but fans of Shah Rukh Khan got the star treatment in a livestream at Thursday as they waited to see the actor make an appearance at the Shubert Theater. It was the … Continue reading

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Occupied with the news: Twitter delivers for live coverage

When the payloaders roll in you know there’s no excuse not to let news flow in. And that is exactly what Alexandra Sanders and Bill Kaempffer did as the city of New Haven closed in on Occupy New Haven. The … Continue reading

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Reporter hits key points for good video

West Hartford News reporter Kathleen Schassler hits many of the key parts of the video belt in her video posted today about a foundation helping college students “suit up” for success. By incorporating visual elements of students dressing in suits … Continue reading

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Breaking News Team Rocks Social Media Over April Fool’s Prank

Now, we know the Breaking News Team is ever vigilant about Twitter, but sometimes it takes a trained eye to spot the nugget of non-truth that really makes breaking news. It happened this way according to Pam McLoughlin: On April … Continue reading

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