Facebook Timelines: Perfect for Publishing and Social Media Community Engagement

When it comes to communities, can 845 million people be wrong?

That is how many people Facebook lists as its monthly active users since around the end of 2011. And while the New Haven Register page has yet to attract all of those users, it is a site that is for the local community.

So what better place than to ask the community to help pick a photo to grace the new timeline. To do this Christine Tansey created an online page seeking the public’s interest and contributions of photos. A key idea she had to make the page more appealing was to choose a photo that a reader had contributed last year during the freak snowstorm in October.

Christine also made sure the online page was linked to the appropriate social media sites. The new contributions will be uploaded to Facebook and the public can vote on the winner. To sweeten the process, prizes will be given.

To promote this effort, Christine made sure the ‘contest,’ as it were, was shared on Twitter and Facebook and Google +.


About newsgirlct

We are all in this wonderful world of news together. Let's navigate the change and with readers and contributors aboard it promises to be a wonderful ride. Specialties: Multi-Media News editor and leader, writer, champion of the First Amendment and purveyor of knowledge to fledgling reporters.
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