Meet Milford Matters

As part of earning his first Digital Ninja School belt, Brian McCready has launched a new blog, Milford Matters.

And of course Milford matters! To us, to readers, to the small city with a big heart and to the region.

Check out a tweet that has already promoted the blog:

leecruz: Attention Milfordites here is a news source just for you #Milford Matters @NHRegister

So on this blog Brian will: use it as venue to throughout the day what is being worked on, updating at least four times a day in real time, use it to engage the community to get feedback and suggestions, including through direct questions. His plan is to  demonstrate on the blog interaction with community and reply to their comments, suggestion and questions on the blog, including showing how it can generate news stories. He will share posts through social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

But as important, Brian plans to show real growth in the use of this blog by the community. Tonight, he will cover a Milford budget meeting live through Twitter, and use the blog as the venue to catch the tweets.

Like the city it covers, it’s a small blog with a big heart and the attached photo shows it’s getting off to a nice start



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